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Winter outfit ideas for Germany

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Hi! I'm Nhi, pronounced Nee. I’m curious, quirky and quiet with a dash of awkward and a whole lot of passion. I’m a Floridian, but my style is much more eclectic and urban. Welcome to Fashionhista.


  1. I wouldn’t think that would work – but on you, it’s adorable. BTW – there are fashion faux pas and I witnessed several this weekend at our Farmer’s Market. South Floridians don’t know how to dress when it dips below 50°. Generally, they pull out whatever warm thing is in the closet from the decade that they moved to Florida (hello, Members Only jackets).

    1. Nhi says:

      Haha, thanks so much, Lisa! Oh my goodness, Floridians and cold weather just don’t mix. xx N

  2. You’re so right! Rules are meant to be broken… Well, at least the fashion ones. 😉 Love the outfit!

    1. Nhi says:

      Thanks so much, Vannia! xx N

  3. Deidre says:

    I like the way you think Nhi and Great Winter Style!!

    1. Nhi says:

      Thanks so much, Deidre! xx

  4. Love the puffer vest over the jacket 🙂

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