Review: Kylie Lip Kits (Koko K, Dolce K, Mary Jo)

Kylie Lip Kit Review: Koko K

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  1. Mandy Mizell says:

    Hahah “As much as Kanye loves Kanye” and I love the word viscosity as well. I’m not a lipstick person and stay true to my Burt’s Bees Wax Chapstick. HOWEVER… I will be sharing with my lipstick OBSESSED friends.

    1. Nhi says:

      Thanks, Mandy! Go glad you love the post and thanks for sharing. xx N

  2. Liege says:

    NHI! I loved it! Where can I find? Maybe at Dash store? Xoxo

    1. Nhi says:

      Thanks so much, Liege! At not available in stores anywhere just yet. 🙂

  3. I have been living under a rock. I have not heard of the magical Kylie lip kit! As a food blogger, I have a very important question. Does the lipstick/gloss stay put — even after you’ve eaten something? And not like a “model-bite” where your lips never touch the fork, but a REAL bite – that gets down into every morsel. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Nhi says:

      Hahah! Too funny. It does stay put! I still touch up every so often but for the most part it stays.

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