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DIY: Emoji Loafer Shoes Hack

Emoji Slipper Shoes DIY

Something that’s been on my “if I win the lottery” shopping list? Moda Operandi x Del Toro emoji slippers.

However, for us mere mortals who have to make a living, $375 slippers are just out of the question. Luckily, this DIY project is ridiculously simple and affordable. I spent about $21 on it, so in your face, fashion!

Emoji Slipper Shoes DIY Emoji Slipper Shoes DIY Emoji Slipper Shoes DIY Emoji Slipper Shoes DIY

You’ll need:


  • Prep loafers by stuffing them.
  • Place iron-ons where desired and iron edges to keep the patches in place.
  • Cover with towel and iron completely.
  • Let the loafers cool before removing stuffing.
  • Voila!


  1. Um, you are my fashion savior! I have been dying for a pair of the Moda Operandi x Del Toro Emoji Slippers but the price tag made them out of the question. I will being this DIY one of these weekends when I am not crazy, busy. Thanks for sharing this hack. 😉 Hope to see you soon!!

    XO, Ashley Sondon | It’s a PAshion, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog | |

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